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BlackBerry App Development

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41 million Blackberry users worldwide represent a huge pool of potential customers. You can extend your company’s market reach with a Blackberry App.

The right Blackberry app allows your company to establish your brand and identity, separating you from your competitors. When a customer downloads and installs your Blackberry app from Blackberry App World, you are establishing a connection with an avenue of direct communication, allowing you to engage existing customers with new product information, special events, exclusive promotions and other valuable information through your company’s Blackberry App.

New Wave Industries prides itself in being a leader in full-service technology solutions and is one of the few licensed Blackberry application developers in the state. Whether you’re looking for a business or consumer app, we can create it, including e-commerce apps, gaming apps, and other business apps. At New Wave Industries, we take time to learn about you and your company, in order to provide you with personalized attention, as well as a solid strategy and roadmap for your mobile product.  We offer high quality, efficient and cost-effective design and development services to help you reach your mobile customers.