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Tuesday, November 1st, 2011
New Wave Industries Off to Jail App Now Available for iPhone and Android!

Off to Jail App Now Available for iPhone and Android- November 1, 2011

New Wave Industries is proud to present their newest App for iPhone and Android- Off to Jail App.

Let’s face it- you never know when it might happen. Maybe you're in the wrong place at the wrong time or maybe you just made a bad decision. Suddenly those red and blue lights are flashing behind you and you're off to jail.  Who will you call? When will they pick you up? How long will you be stuck there?

With Off to Jail App you're covered! Whenever you think you might be in trouble just press the button to send your chosen friends and family a text or email and let them know you need help! With the Off to Jail App's Geo Location Tracker your friends can track your route so they know exactly where to pick you up.  Don’t spend hours waiting to make one phone call –with Off to Jail App you can have your closest friends or family already waiting there to pick you up when you're released. You're in good hands with the Off to Jail App.

“We had a lot of fun designing this app,” said Jamie Welch, New Wave Industries’ Vice-President. “We hope people can find humor in it as well. Who knows? It may even help someone out!”

Summary of Features:
•    Store contact information for your friends or family to contact in case of emergency.
•    Send a "help me" text or email to chosen friends and family with just the touch of a button.
•    Geo Location tracker tracks your route so you can easily be found and picked up.
•    History feature lets you know who you've contacted.

Off to Jail App is available now in the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace.


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