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Monday, July 11th, 2011
NWI Launches New iPad App for Metallics of Bristol Connecticut!

New Wave Industries just launched the new Metallics App for the iPad. This App for the iPad is a great resource to view their catalog and quickly look up items by Part Number, UPC or NAED number as well as find the appropriate contact across their various distributors throughout the nation.


A  little bit about Metallics:


They know the Fastener Market and have been serving it proudly since 1959. They stand out from their competitors because they can say they have the ability to manufacture exclusive, unique fasteners through their affiliate, Avanti Screw, Inc. This ability to manufacture coupled with two strategically placed locations, Bristol, CT and Mancos, CO along with the highest fill rates in America, same day next day shipping and personalized service when you call, clearly makes them the, the Right Choice.

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