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Friday, October 29th, 2010
New Wave Industries Partners with for New App!

New Wave Industries has formed a joint partnership with to create an exciting new Android APP!


The Luggage Limits app is the best way to avoid airline baggage fees. With 175 airlines covered it’s never been easier to discover the exact baggage policy for your flight without having to read through the airline’s small print.

Save yourself time and money by avoiding expensive excess baggage fees and never getting caught out by exceeding your baggage allowance. Just enter your airline along with the departure and arrival airports and hit search, your exact information is displayed almost instantly.

These days, baggage fees are an everyday part of flying. Whether it’s a charge for checked baggage or an expensive fee for going over your flight’s baggage allowance, these fees are earning the airline industry billions per year and being charged directly to you. Awareness of these fees and packing accordingly is now an essential part of travel preparation, but with different baggage policies across a multitude of airlines, routes, and ticket classes it’s now harder than ever to understand and avoid these charges.

The Luggage Limits app is here to help. We’ve collected all the airline baggage information and put it all in one place, with an easy to read information layout and a simple search tool. Now finding the exact baggage information for your flight can be done accurately and in a fraction of the time it takes to navigate an airline’s confusing luggage page. To obtain the information for your flight, simply enter your airline along with the departure and arrival airports and hit search, your exact information is displayed almost instantly.

This app doesn’t just cover only one country or large airlines; it covers ALL known routes on 175 airlines worldwide. We don’t just give you the baggage policy of economy class tickets; we provide a selection of ALL tickets classes, including frequent flyer club members.


The information we provide includes:

  • Checked baggage allowance & fees
  • Carry-on baggage allowance & fees
  • Personal items
  • Excess baggage fees
  • Oversize baggage restrictions & fees
  • Overweight baggage restrictions & fees


COMING SOON! – Special baggage policies including sports equipment, infant / child baggage, travelling while pregnant, medical equipment … and a whole lot more!


The Luggage Limits app is a must have for flight preparation, saving you time and money and providing assurance when  flying, so as not to get stung with excessive fees at the airport check-in counter. 


Select your favorite QR Code Reader (We recomend SCANLIFE) and...

Get yours today in the Android store! Get yours today in the iTunes store!


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